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Established on 15 March 2015, by His Excellency Dr. Hage Geingob the Ministry of Public Enterprises(MPE) is responsible for managing Namibia's Public Enterprises(PEs). As the custodians of the PEs Strategic direction by the Ministry of Public Enterprises displayed by achieving its overall mandate that of transforming Namibia's Public Enterprises sector as effective conduits and catalysts for the Nation's economic development.

As the Ministry of Public Enterprises, we are guided by the principles as contained in the contents of Cabinet:

  • "Strong, honest and principled leadership,
  • Urgently review all the performances, operational efficiency, economic viability of all SOEs and provide policy options thereto,
  • Transparent procurement with a focus on empowerment of Namibians and women, and job-creation but not at the expense of value for money,
  • Driving a performance culture with your Ministry through leading by example and applying a hand-on approach,
  • Engaging and listening to the voices of civil society, particularly grassroots organizations and understanding that the ultimate goal is to improve the living standard of Namibians.
  • Reviewing any law, policy and regulation which hampers the effective implementation of the plans and programmes of Government"

MPE will direct, coordinate and supervise the activities of Ministries and Government Departments including parastatal enterprises and to advise the President and National Assembly on the desirability and wisdom of any prevailing subordinate legislation, regulations or orders pertaining to such parastatal enterprises,regard being given to public interest" We are keen to uplift and working together with our stakeholder; customer and general public in making socio-economic development a true reality".

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Articles of Public Enterprises Articles of Public Enterprises

NAMIBIA:Kandjoze warns Schilettwein.. Ministers clash over N$ 5.6 billion Storage Facility

Februruary 19,, 2018

Former energy minister Obeth Kandjoze warned finance minister Calle Schlettwein about hand-picking a Netherlands-based company to use the N$5,6 billion state-owned fuel storage facility at Walvis Bay........ [read more]

I will lead by Example - Simata

Februruary 16,, 2018

Windhoek-Newly appointed Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa, has vowed to lead by example when implementing cost-cutting measures, as directed by President Hage Geingob when he addressed the first Cabinet meeting and at the opening of Parliament...... [read more]

NAMIBIA: Reduce Ministers

Februruary 15,, 2018

Windhoek — In an attempt to curtail ballooning public expenditure, President Hage Geingob has decided there will no longer be a ministry served by two deputy ministers....... [read more]

Reckoning and Recalling

Februruary 15,, 2018

YESTERDAY was Valentine's Day, the day of romance. It is celebrated in many countries around the world with an exchange of clichéd cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts...... [read more]

NAMIBIA: Minister Tweya Discredits 'Milicious' IPPR Report

Februruary 08,, 2018

Windhoek — The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Tjekero Tweya has labelled the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) report entitled 'Access Denied,' as a 'malicious, vexatious and irresponsible' publication crafted to portray the country in bad light...... [read more]

tNAMIBIA Continues losing global Competitivines

Februruary 13,, 2018

Windhoek-President Hage Geingob has expressed concern that Namibia’s global competitiveness ranking continues to decline..... [read more]

It's Vital to inculcate  a corporate culture PE's Autonomy

Februruary 01,, 2018

As government plans to introduce a public enterprise sector reform programme, to engender –improved corporate governance, operational efficiency, performance, as well as pay dividends to government, it’s to inculcate a corporate culture of PEs autonomy, to the extent that Boards and Management the latter in particular, are empowered to govern the affairs of state enterprises without undue, or other political interference, from government..... [read more]

GEINGOB's travel ban not absolute

Februruary 01,, 2018

GOVERNMENT Ministers and other political office-bearers can still travel outside the country, despite a ban announced by President Hage Geingob yesterday...... [read more]

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