Directorate Function Directorate Function


(i)Cabinet Decision No.33rd /18 .10.94/001 approved the Manual of Guidelines for Common Standards of Protective Security Measures for Government Ministries/Public Offices of the Republic of Namibia;
(ii) That the Namibia Central Intelligence Service is the custodian of the Protective Security Measures in Offices/Ministries/Agencies and Regional Councils.
(iii)The staff rule provide for the establishment of security components in O/MAs and RCs which will be comprised of Security personnel depending on the size and/ or security requirements of O/M/As and RCs.
*The functions of the security component among others will include the coordination of security measures within an O/M/A and RC.
-Compliance to the measures will enhance the safeguarding and;
- Protection of the state machinery and the promotion of national security and stability in the country.
-The Namibia Central Intelligence Services (NCIS) is the custodian and overseer of the above mentioned manual.
-Ensure the security programs such as Physical security, personnel, document security, ICT security, and security awareness are implemented, enforced maintained, monitored, evaluated and adhered to.
-To ensure that security policies and plans in the Ministry of Public Enterprises are developed, managed and strictly implemented, enforced and adhered to.
-To investigate the contravention of security directives and advise the Permanent Secretary in respect of appropriate steps deemed necessary as a result of such investigations.

Security Operation Officer Security Operation Officer